Sedoware is a new mobile game development venture geared toward the Android platform and may expand to the iOS platform in the future. We intend to deliver fun, diverse games everyone can enjoy!

River Adventures Launched November 11, 2013 
 A few short weeks ago, an idea hit me so hard for a game that I couldn't ignore. Everything fell into place like it was meant to be!  Now, "River Adventures" has launched and is ready for download. Simply enough, you control a kayaker down rivers.

When UFOs Attack Relaunch October 7, 2013
The redesigned game has been published and is now available on Google Play.  Please check it out if you haven't already.  Or, if you have already purchased it, please make sure you update the app and let me know how it is.  

When UFOs Attack Redesign
September 26, 2013
Since it's launch, "When UFOs Attack" hasn't been doing very well.  I decided to redesign the game and make it free with Ad support.  The redesigned game will be available soon as the redesign has been extensive.

Here are some before and after pictures of the game:
Added features include:
  • Improved graphics
  • Upgradeable weapons
  • Added weapon systems that can be earned in game
  • Upgradeable defenses
  • Ship types are based on four different alien races
  • Ground combat has been added to fight off the invasion.  If successful, the planet doesn't take any damage.

Next Game Being Developed August 12, 2013
Lately I've been busy working on a follow-up to When UFOs Attack as an Action/RPG where the player plays as one of the invading aliens who manages to land on the planet that was being defended in "When UFOs Attack". The player will be able to explore the planet, gather resources to continue the invasion process and try to single handedly take over the planet. The indigenous life won't be too happy you're there and will fight back as much as they can.

Here are a few screenshots of the game so far.
This game, as you can see, is still in development mode. But hopefully, the pictures above can provide a clue as to how the game play will be. Estimated completion date is sometime before the end of 2013.

NOTE: As the game is still under development, the above images may not reflect the final game play.

When UFOs Attack Launches! March 16, 2013
Your planet is under attack from an alien race!; It's up to you to save your planet from certain doom

UFOs bombard your planet in several waves with an occasional Capital Ship appearance. Your job is to shoot down the UFOs with your planet's supply of nuclear missiles.

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